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ISO27001 Standard

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Background and Challenges

Information on the organization's operations and even survival are essential. The implementation of ISO27001 will help manage and protect your valuable information assets. ISO27001 defines information security management system (ISMS) requirements. This standard is intended to ensure that there is adequate and targeted security control selection. The implementation of ISO27001 to help protect corporate information assets and enable all stakeholders (especially your customers) assured. This standard covers the establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving the process approach of your ISMS.


ISO27001 applies to any sector anywhere in the world any size organization. This standard applies to information security issues, especially its vital industries, such as finance, health, public and IT sectors. Organization ISO27001 by the representative of other organizations is also very effective information management, such as IT outsourcing companies. Using this standard, allowing customers their information is being protected.


Benefits of ISO27001

     -  Prove your internal controls with independent security and meet corporate governance and business continuity requirements.
     -  Independent proof of compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
     -  By meeting contractual requirements to deliver competitive advantage, and to show clients their information security has been protected.

     -  In making information security processes, procedures and documentation to formalize the same time, be able to independently demonstrate that your organization has been properly risk identification, assessment and management.
     -  Demonstrate senior management's commitment to its information security.
     -  Regular assessment process helps continually monitor your performance and eventually improve.