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Refer to the following list to find a suitable position for your interested, please send your resume and your current position to:

Sales Director
Location: Chengdu,  Number: 2 people
Recruitment time: Jan.- Dec., 2019
MesoWise is committed to providing competitive remuneration and career development planning, grow with us and employees.


 1. Responsible achieve monthly sales results, the timely completion of the sales target, the development of new customers.
 2. Responsible Business Products (consulting services and training products) expansion and promotion.
 3. Understanding customer needs and feedback, to assist in providing solutions to help complete the project.
 4. Maintaining customer relationship, follow up project progress and timely feedback customer information.


 1. Identify with the company's values and culture.
 2. Bachelor degree or above, marketing, management, economics and other professional priority.
 3. With more than two years of production, engineering, quality control, work experience or willingness to work in sales, or more than 1 year sales experience, consulting services, management training and other related industry experience preferred.
 4. Skillfully use the Internet and Office software, web promotion work experience is preferred.
 5. Have good sense of interpersonal and teamwork, character, integrity, and good humor.
 6. Have good communication skills, ability to learn.
 7. Have good professional image and professional norms, and work well under pressure.

Other Position:
Regional Sales Representative
Customer Service Manager